Welcome to the season of rebellious, radical-thinking Aquarius

From January 19-February 18, the sun will be in the sign of the water-bearer — and although this is a fixed air sign, there is also a deeply feeling side of Aquarius that encourages us to see things from a new perspective, for the greater good of the collective.

We enter the season amid a Venus and Mercury retrograde (stationing direct January 29 and February 3, respectively), and while simply seeing the word “retrograde” can provoke cringe-worthy thoughts and feelings, we can really call on the revolutionary influence of Aquarius to empower us in revisiting the ways we experience love, beauty, and how we access the flow of creativity + finances in our lives (Venus). While also allowing us time to slow and reflect on how we communicate + interact in our partnerships - whether romantic or familial relationships, friendships or even collaborationships (Mercury). 

While we traverse these transits, the energy of Aquarius supports us in coming up with exceptionally clever ways to remain confident and radically self-reliant in our work, our healing, and our contributions to the world. Below are some consciously curated ritual tools to help you connect more deeply to the magic of this season:

Witch Hazel


Breathe. Practice grounding breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth, placing a hand on your heart, belly, legs or even the earth.

Read Eckhart Tolle. It’s no surprise that this extraordinary spiritual teacher + author is an Aquarius! Dive into A New Earth or revisit it if you’re needing some inspiration to kickstart or restart your journey to purposeful, revolutionary thinking.

Work with The Star tarot card/archetype. Meditate on it, place the card on your altar, or even keep it as your phone background to call in the energy of renewed hope + faith in the future.

Connect with your own inner humanitarian. Find a cause, organization or mutual aid effort you can lend your own special gifts to - whether tangible or energetic, in-person or from a safe distance.

Aquarius is one of our fun signs that has two planetary rulers: traditionally ruled by Saturn, this invites us into the broader vision of our karmic destiny, life lessons, and the structures + obligations we are tasked with cultivating and sustaining. However, the modern planetary ruler is Uranus, conversely urging us - gently or not so - to shake things up, to break free of archaic norms and forge a new path unlike any other. Either way, the work starts within, little by little, and Aquarian energy can allow us to detach from old ideals or outcomes, rising up to see the bigger picture from a birds eye view to make essential adjustments. 

This season reminds us that pursuing our personal freedom is directly linked to the liberation of the collective. It is the great knowing that though we are unique individuals along our own paths, we are here as part of a greater purpose that transcends our time as we know it in this earthly body. 

Use the guidance above to pull from + weave into your existing practice, or create something totally new that suits your mystical evolution. And if you ever need support or guidance, please feel free to reach out - I’d love to work with you in creating something that is exceptionally you!

As Aquarian queen Oprah has said, “There is a supreme moment of destiny calling on your life. Your job is to feel that, to hear that, to know that.” This is our season to ask the questions, lean into new ways of finding answers, and apply our innovative insights for enduring change.

Happy exploring, rebellious ones.


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