Ahhhh Sweet Taurus Season

Ahhhh sweet Taurus Season. From April 19-May 20, the sun saunters through the sign of the bull. Dive into your senses. Taste, touch, smell, feel it all.  Make art out of your love. Now, this fixed earth sign can come off as being a bit stubborn at times, but if we tap into the beauty that this Venus-ruled sign offers, we can stop to enjoy all of the earthly pleasures and delight in the slow and enjoyable pace of life. 

Taurus energy is sensual and stable, so take your time with these ritual goodies throughout the season. When moments of tension arise, take a page out of Ferdinand’s book and just do what makes you happy. 

- Mint
- Thyme
- Violet
- Rose

- Jade
- Rose Quartz
- Pyrite
- Blue Kyanite

Make an altar to Venus for love, romance and beauty. 

Indulge in your favorite earthly comforts—cook delicious food, spend time in nature, gather with friends, listen to good music…

Meditate on the Heirophant tarot/archetype.

Do slow and grounding practices like yin or restorative yoga, or yoga nidra.

At the end of April, we have a New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Taurus—eclipses can shake up how we see, experience and pursue our growth, bringing much needed change and impacting shifts. Thankfully, the season’s grounding energy can help us to remain calm amidst some of the chaos.

Ruled by our planet of love and beauty, Taurus asks us to experience the exquisite luxury this earthly life has to offer. So, take your time with each moment, and indulge your senses to really connect to your full experience as a human BEing. 

Happy Taurus Season, sweet loves!

- Stephanie, @littlemoonmystic

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