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Our Story

MOONS began because we were tired: of tampons that don't really do the job, of leaks and stains, of anxiety and shame, of ruined clothes. And so tired of all the mental energy it was taking up.

So we set out simply and humbly—to make the product we wished existed in the world, and then share it with everyone else. 

As we researched and tested, asked questions and invited conversation, we found the words for a truth that we, as menstruating women, had always known: Products are not the only thing failing us. The entire culture surrounding menstruation has failed us. The stigmas are deep and the experience is broken. We are taught that this natural process is icky and annoying and embarrassing, but we are not taught useful info about our bodies, cycles, and hormones. How damaging.

And so, our mission grew.

In 2021 we launched duets™, our first product designed to make the experience of your monthly cycle better. May this be just the first step toward a culture shift in which we all listen and learn to #RespectTheMoon.

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Why the name MOONS?

Menstrual cycles are close in length to a lunar cycle, and the moon has long been associated with female energy, sisterhood, and new beginnings. Welcome to a new way to think about your cycle, your body, and our culture.