Landing in Virgo Season

By @littlemoonmystic

From August 22 through September 21, the Sun lands in Mercury-ruled Virgo, offering a steady momentum to our journey through the wheel of the year. Virgo is all about the details, so this season we’re invited to dive into the sacred in the simplicity: the beauty of nature, of the earth’s offerings, a nourishing practice, clear communication, and yes, a schedule to lovingly bear it all.

As our mutable earth sign, Virgo energy offers grounding through transition. Literally, as the transition from summer’s end into fall’s beginning, and energetically for any transition we are approaching in our daily lives. 

Because we have Mercury retrograde during a Mercury-ruled season, much of our rituals are heavily focused on our planet of intellect, communication + travel. Mercury encourages us to quickly move from one thing to the next, arriving at answers on a physical and psychological level. While the planet is retrograde (in Libra until Sept 23 then back through Virgo on Sept 3), we can tap into the grounded energy of Virgo and the balancing energy of Libra to reflect on how we communicate — especially in relationship + partnership — make real efforts to become more clear + harmonious, with ourselves and others. 

Here are some Virgo season ritual tools + practices to inspire your season:


  • Fennel
  • Lavender
  • Peppermint
  • Burdock Root


  • Nephrite Jade
  • Tourmalines (Black, Green or Blue!)
  • Howlite
  • Fluorite


  • Schedule self-care. For real. Get serious about a consistent practice of caring for all the parts of you. Beyond bubble baths (but include them too!), take time to plan out your therapy/healing sessions, meditations, journaling moments, nature time, volunteering  etc.. Let the structure lovingly hold you like only Virgo energy can.
  • Mantra Meditation: Choose a mantra to recite daily. The most powerful mantra is I AM, so choose your words with courage + gratitude!
  • Work with the Hermit Tarot/Archetype: Place it on your altar or as the background of your phone for inspiration.
  • Embodied Breath + Movement: Feed the body + spirit connection by quieting the mind through breath, sound and movement. Try a guided practice or just putting on a favorite song, taking some deep breaths, and going for it. Bonus points: get outside with it. 

Virgo is quick witted and deeply methodical, and the practices to hone this essence will help to feed the mind, body, spirit connection. The challenge of Virgo is to become a bit controlling or obsessive, but the real ethos is a devotion to details that will empower and liberate. Being so deeply of service to the sacred, and the collective, that the only way to truly show up in that essence, is radical self care. How can you recommit to the sweet simplicity in the miracle that is you?

Happy Virgo Season, sweet friends!

Loving me, loving you,
Stephanie, @littlemoonmystic

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