Our Mantra

Respect The Moon

For too many of us, our monthly periods are confusing,
embarrassing, or isolating. At MOONS, we know this
is both a marketplace problem and a cultural problem,
and we want to change both. 

We believe that a person’s monthly moon should
be properly understood, cared for, and respected—
by everyone. 

And so this phrase, Respect The Moon, is our mantra,
our rallying cry, our reason for being, but we hope
that it also serves as a reminder... 

Respect the moon

Bodies are natural.

Our bodies, and Mother Nature, are
exquisitely interesting, important, and
deserving of our attention and support.

Respect the moon

Cycles are truth-tellers.

Our monthly cycles are a crucial and useful 
metric, revealing and reflecting truths about 
our own physical health and mental wellness.

Respect the moon

Experiences are not monolithic.

Not all who have monthly moons identify as girls
or women and not all girls or women have a
monthly moon that reflects common experience.

Respect the moon

All voices hold value.

Wherever a person is in their life cycle, from
pre-pubescent to post-menopausal, their
voices should be valued deeply and equally.

Why the name MOONS?

Menstrual cycles are close in length to a lunar cycle, and the moon has long been associated with female energy, sisterhood, and new beginnings. Welcome to a new way to think about your cycle, your body, and our culture.