mindful menstruation kit

What we wish our first experience with menstruation had been like—a holistic introduction to the menstrual cycle and the phases within, plus details on what you can expect hormonally, energetically, emotionally, and physically. Kit includes a mixed box of duets™, a complete set of phases candles, a bookmark, matchbook, stickers, and a hand-illustrated guide to the four phases, written in collaboration with Golden Wellness Hormonal Health. Shipping begins fall 2022.

in good company

Each kit created in collaboration with other women-owned businesses.

Golden Wellness

Helmed by certified Hormone Health & Integrative Nutrition Health coach Em Waterfield, Golden Wellness guides women working to balance their hormones, regulate their cycles, and heal imbalances. She specializes in stress management, sleep hygiene, movement and evaluating toxin load.

Ilha Candles

ILHA Candles is an Asian American, female founded company that proudly creates fragrant soy candles and a variety of home fragrance products using natural products and toxin-free fragrances. Each candles is hand-poured in small batches, packaged and shipped from their NYC home studio.

Quiet Creature

Launched in 2016 by designer & illustrator Jane Beaird, Quiet Creature’s custom illustrations, live portraits, and mural work have been featured by Glamour Magazine and Teen Vogue and highlighted by prominent advocacy groups including Planned Parenthood and The Women’s March.

Why the name MOONS?

Menstrual cycles are close in length to a lunar cycle, and the moon has long been associated with female energy, sisterhood, and new beginnings. Welcome to a new way to think about your cycle, your body, and our culture.