The first-ever menstrual cup that collects & donates blood for stem cell research.
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First we end the leaks,
then we end the stigma.

Get to know duets™

50% of all tampon wearers have a leak each month. So, most of us wedge toilet paper in our undies for backup. Until now! Bye bye backup TP, hello duets™, the tampon + liner system designed by menstruators to catch the leaks. Finally, enjoy full coverage, convenience, and confidence (plus cute packaging that drops knowledge about your full cycle). 

FDA & OBGYN-approved | Made in USA & Canada | No toxins, bleaches or perfumes

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Get to know phases

Can you name each phase of the full menstrual cycle? How about apply them to your daily life? We sure couldn't, and nobody ever taught us! So we designed a candle collection with a hormonal health coach to share the knowledge and bring mindfulness to each of the four phases.

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