Our Founding Team

Rachel Donovan Geller

Co-Founder, CEO

Before MOONS: Rachel was an award-winning chief creative officer (and a yoga instructor).

Why MOONS: At 13, she dreamed of better products. At 40, she finally made them herself.

Dream for MOONS: To improve the lives & experiences of every generation after ours.

Kaity Potak

Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer

Before MOONS: Kaity worked agency-side as a creative director building other people's brands.

Why MOONS: Because just ranting about cultural change wasn't enough anymore.

Dream for MOONS: To inspire the removal of the red squiggle under the word "menstruator."

Lipsa Shah Liddy

Director of Client Success

Before MOONS: Lipsa was the CX-whisperer for a (major) restaurant reservation platform.

Why MOONS: To make menstruation make sense to all—physically, emotionally, & mentally.

Dream for MOONS: For everyone to know the power and beauty of their bodies.

Kay L

Lead Developer

Before MOONS: Kay was coding & designing their way around the world (with pup in tow).

Why MOONS: Design has the power to create change and this category desperately needed it.

Dream for MOONS: To create an inclusive community for menstruators & supportive allies.

Rrita Rexhepi

Head of Finance

Before MOONS: Rrita was obsessively studing financial jargon for some state recognition.

Why MOONS: Because an honest brand deserves honest reporting.

Dream for MOONS: For people to think of us & our mission any time they look up at the sky.

Jane Beaird


Before MOONS: Jane worked in film/tv, fashion design, and the fine art world.

Why MOONS: Because every menstruator deserves knowledge, community and support.

Dream for MOONS: For hormonal health to be thoughtfully considered in the workplace, community, family, and relationships.

Our Advisory Board

Hannah Bronfman

Entrepreneurial brand builder, social & culture influencer.

Dr. Paola Bordoni

Bilingual licensed OB/GYN, women’s wellness & medical advisor.

Melanie Leibowitz

Product quality & safety specialist, FDA regulatory expert.

Annie Evans

Capital connector, strategic thinker & community creator.

Glen Ellen Brown

Marketing, business development & brand growth strategist.

Antonia Bowring

Executive coach & strategic facilitator for sustainable team growth.

Why the name MOONS?

Menstrual cycles are close in length to a lunar cycle, and the moon has long been associated with female energy, sisterhood, and new beginnings. Welcome to a new way to think about your cycle, your body, and our culture.