Moving On Your Moon 101

by Angelica Marie Wilson

If you tend to associate that time of the month with needing to be still while cuddling a hot water bottle the entire time, this one’s for you. As someone who moves for a living (as a yoga instructor) and a hobby (in dance class), I never fully understood the general need to be still during that time of the month. Don’t get me wrong, there are some days or cycles when stillness is bliss. But other times, I feel that movement can feel just as comforting as cuddling that heating pad.
Here are the three types of movement that I crave during my moon and why:


We’ve all probably heard of folding into a child’s pose during that time of the month but practicing other poses are also great for managing cramps. So don’t worry, no need to try to build up the energy for a power flow. Unless you want to. Instead you can try taking a restorative or yin yoga class. 

Dance Parties

This one is a personal fave of mine. Sometimes when I’m craving movement but can’t put my finger on a specific methodology, I just put my headphones in and dance. Whether you just want to wiggle around your space or pretend you’re on stage, a dance party is a great way to find your flow in a movement type of way. 

Core Exercises

Okay, before you stop reading, hear me out. I find that taking a quick core specific class is like giving my abdomen a massage from the inside out. Exercises like crunches, bicycles, and hollow hold make my core shake in a way that leaves my belly feeling soothed afterward.

So if you’ve ever needed a little encouragement for how to move on your moon, you now have a few options to get you started. 

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