Welcome to Virgo Season

By Stephanie, @littlemoonmystic

From August 22 through September 22 the sun is in practical, analytical Virgo. Virgo is an earth sign and embodies major goddess energy through intentional self care. This season is a great time to show yourself some love, and tend to your inner garden, as it is the sign of service and is a great reminder to fill up your own cup so that you show up in your fullness. Represented by the Hermit in the major arcana, Virgo reminds us of the power in retreat, rest, and replenish. 

Here are some tools, both practical + magical, to work with throughout this season! 

Green Sage

Clear Quartz
Green Jade
Moss Agate

Grounding/Earthing: take time daily or weekly to walk or stand with bare feet on the ground. 

Journaling: Mercury-ruled Virgo is a natural intellectual + communicator, so journaling can bring a necessary, cathartic release. And perhaps part of that is even scheduling in your own time for practices that help to keep you grounded, nourished and replenished. 

Use the Hermit card as a focal point on your altar, in meditations, or even an image of it on your phone background to remind you of the power in turning inward.

Think about what serves you best when it comes to your rituals. Herbs can be used in tea, on an altar, burned for smoke clearing, or added with essential oils to your bath soak—geranium oil is a favorite for the season and don't forget to add salt for a deep energetic cleansing. You can add your crystals to adorn your bath or seasonal altar, carry or wear them if that feels right for you. 

The practices can be used at the start or throughout the season, however your intuition guides you! Take what resonates, leave what doesn’t. In the true spirit of Virgo, devote yourself fully to your magic, to your needs as a divine being. There is sacred in the simplicity. 

Have a beautiful season, moonbeams!

With a radiant heart,

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