Goodbye Periods, Hello MOONS

When we decided to start a company that makes period protection, one of our first big dreams was to not use the word “period” at all. Because language holds power, ya’ll, and the weight of that word “period” is heavy. It carries stigma. It causes embarrassment. And it has made an incredible, natural process (one that 50% of the world experiences monthly for almost half their lives!) feel dreaded and ugly.   

Honestly, the whole culture surrounding our periods is pretty dreadful. We all know the painful memories from adolescence, the uncomfortable conversations with moms and friends and partners, the awkward pharmacy runs—you know, buying toothpaste you don’t need and granola bars you don’t want as if to somehow cushion the cashier from your public purchase of tampons?? Crazy. 

And what of the products themselves? Even more disappointment. Bulky pads, painful cardboard applicators, pink plastic, insane neon flower patterns. And then those claims of Ultimate Superior Gamechanging Heartstopping Best Ever Ultra Absorbency with their literally spotted histories—of leaks, stains, ruined clothes, ruined sheets, those pairs of ugly underwear we reserve for our heaviest flow days. 

Sigh. It’s all such a bummer. Except that now, luckily, more and more new brands are launching. Companies, often started by women, that have ideals and that are working to destigmatize the experience, to take on menstrual inequality, or to embrace eco-friendly business practices. Hallelujah.

But some of them (eek) still don’t work that well. At the end of the day, wouldn’t it be nice to just...have a product that works really well to protect you from leaks from a company that you can really believe in

Hi there. We’re MOONS. It’s nice to meet you. 

At MOONS, we know that the problem is both a marketplace one and a cultural one, and we’re out to solve both. With innovative, insightful, actually useful products. And with empathetic, insightful, actually useful information. Starting with the way we talk about it all. So. No more periods, no more PMS, no more cringey euphemisms about rags or fake aunts. Let’s talk about our monthly cycles, our moons, with some dignity. Let’s use products that honor our experiences, made by people who share those experiences. Let’s learn more about what’s actually happening in our bodies and let’s share that wisdom, so that there’s less embarrassment, awkwardness, and discomfort for us all. 

Oh, and less weird pharmacy runs—hello, flexible subscription options—because we’ve all panic purchased enough toothpaste and granola bars to last us a lifetime.

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