Respect The Moon

Inspired by the simple truth that a full lunar cycle and a menstrual cycle are close in length, and the fact that the moon has long been associated with sisterhood, fertility, the female form, feminine energy, and new beginnings, we named our company MOONS to bring compassion and light to modern fem care. 

Through innovative products and compassionate education, we believe that the culture surrounding our periods, or as we call them, our moons, can be upended and rewritten, so that the generations after ours don’t suffer the same indignities, embarrassments, and confusions that so many of us have. 

Respect The Moon is our mantra, our rallying cry, our reason for being. We believe that a person's monthly moon should be properly understood, cared for, and respected—by everyone. Because it’s absurd and harmful how little the average woman knows about how her own body works. It’s insane how few understand fertility until it feels out of reach, or menopause until it feels oppressive, and it's disheartening how lonely those experiences are for so many. It’s lazy and dangerous that we as a society don’t fully expect boys and men to be knowledgeable about women’s physiology or lived experiences. 

And so, Respect The Moon is our mantra, but we hope it also serves as a reminder:

  • That our bodies, and Mother Nature, are exquisitely interesting and deserving of our attention.
  • That our monthly cycles are a crucial and useful metric, revealing and reflecting truths about our own physical health and mental wellness. 
  • That not all who have monthly moons identify as girls or women and that not all girls or women have a monthly moon that reflects common experience. 
  • That wherever a person is in their life cycle, from pre-pubescent to post-menopausal, their voices should be valued deeply and equally.
  • That, rather than succumbing to thoughtless clichés and operating in ignorance, it’s time for us all to elevate our approach to and discussion of women’s bodies and cycles.
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