Welcome to Capricorn Season

On the Winter Solstice, the sun enters into Capricorn, and begins its waxing season into the new calendar year. From December 21 to January 19, the sun cruises through the sign of the mythical sea goat, closing the chapter of 2021 and setting the stage for 2022. Even if you’re not much for New Year resolutions, Capricorn season is a fortuitous time to set goals, get clear on purpose + objectives, and dig into the work to get energy flowing through your intentions. 
The real work with Capricorn comes with giving yourself some grace through your dedication. Take action with compassion by setting a pace and structure that feels supportive, flexible, and pragmatic. 
Below are some tools and practices to consider for your own ritual use in ceremony or throughout the season. 




Smoky Quartz
White Jade
Tiger’s Eye


Hug a tree. Take some time to tap into the wisdom of our deeply rooted friends. Wrap your arms around one, or sit with your spine supported by its trunk. Feel the grounded energy that supports you in asking for just what you need.
– Set ambitious goals (grounded in reality) for the season, and only if you feel up for it, for the year.
– Meditate on the Devil tarot/archetype. Place it on your altar with a black candle, and when you reflect on what you want for your highest good, allow whatever blocks or negativity rise up and be lovingly surrendered to the flame.
– Inner light meditation. Practice sitting in stillness and tapping into the spark of light at the center core of your being. What fuels it? What supports it? What helps it to grow? 

Steeped in the dark days of winter for the northern hemisphere, Capricorn is represented by the Devil in Tarot. While this can sometimes seem like a challenging card, the energy can encourage us to face the shadow-self, offering reflection + knowledge necessary for spiritual transformation. What negativity in your life has made you doubt yourself? This card’s energy, paired with the season, supports us in holding fast to the highest vision of ourselves.
For those of us in the northern hemisphere, the December Solstice is the shortest day of the year - the day when the sun’s light is least - and marks the start of increasing sunlight into the new season. This is a beautiful time to tap into your own inner light, and ask what you want to grow in the coming year.
These rituals can be combined for deeper ceremony on cornerstone dates during the season, like 12/21 for the commencement + solstice or 1/2/21 for the Capricorn New Moon; or offered as intentional daily devotions to your health, wealth, happiness and healing. 

Happy Capricorn Season, moonbeams!
From my radiant heart,
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