Welcome to Pisces Season

From February 18-March 20, the sun coasts through the dreamy waters of Pisces. Swim deep into your subconscious + cleanse your spirit in the final season of our astrological year. Mystical Pisces reminds us of the wisdom found in our experience - in this lifetime and perhaps in ones prior - and supports us in exploring our emotions as the salve in the creative tapestry of our healing journey.

This is the most naturally psychic of the signs, so during this time we are encouraged to connect more fully to our intuition, through our spiritual practices - including/especially meditation and dreamwork. 

Here are some tools and practices to support you in connecting with your inner mystical poet:


Lemurian Quartz
Rainbow Moonstone

— Dream journal - keep a journal of your dreams. Even if you don’t remember them as a whole, jotting down colors, emotions, places or people can thread together over conscious devotion to this daily exercise.

— Meditate on the Moon tarot/archetype - place it on your altar or save it as your phone background to remind you of your power of connection to shadow + intuition.

— Invest in an intuitive reading! Astrology, tarot, divination, whatever calls to you to deepen your spiritual connection.

— Connect to the element of water - especially foot-soaking - during this season!

Pisces is the time of deep, elder wisdom. This is the perfect time to connect to your spirit guides by researching your ancestry and learning of rituals in your lineage. You can integrate this into your own unique practice by choosing a person/entity, energy or tradition to evoke and work with throughout the season.

Ruled by slow-moving Neptune, this energy asks us to take our time in navigating these waters with an unapologetic idealism.

Nourish your spirit this season with any of the practices above, or feel free to reach out if you need further guidance/wish to explore anything more deeply.

Happy swimming, dear ones. 

From my radiant heart,
- Stephanie, @LittleMoonMystic
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