Receiving Yourself As You Are

Emily Waterfield-Buttner, INHC @golden.wellness

You may have heard this statement before - healed is not a place we arrive at one day, it's a constant journey;  a journey that continues throughout the entirety of our life. However reading this statement, and living through the reality of overcoming a health issue can be two very separate, monumental things. In a world of quick fixes and instant results, it can become increasingly difficult to receive ourselves exactly where we are right now, and continue to see the beauty in this journey. 

Say this with me - I receive myself as I am today, right now, in this very moment. I love and appreciate every experience I have had that has taught me so much, and am continuing to be curious and open on this ongoing journey of caring for my wellbeing.

We become so focused on reaching this picture perfect state of health, that we forget about how important it is to begin to accept, love, and nurture ourselves as we stand here today. This very person you are right now is an integral part of taking the steps towards redirecting your life and beginning to uplevel to continue to shift in a way that supports your whole health and wellbeing - in whatever way that looks for you. 

I believe that when we become too fixated on the final outcome, we truly never reach a place of full contentment and may find difficulty in simply enjoying our life. The beautiful thing about life, especially as a cycling woman, is that we experience many beautiful shifts and changes throughout the entirety of our life, so learning how to flow with these rhythms and understanding the foundations of caring for ourselves helps us to get back to the simple essences of what helps our health to flourish and our bodies to feel abundant.

No matter where we are on our health and wellness journeys, we will have bad days, and good days, blissful days, and stressful days. It is all part of the human experience. Each day we can choose to begin fresh - accepting ourselves exactly where we are at. Maybe the biggest thing you were able to accomplish today was making the bed, or drinking an extra glass of water, or even just taking a few deep breaths. Hey - that is amazing and deserves recognition. We must put less emphasis on perfectionism, and more emphasis on progress, whether big or small. We are ALL on a journey of some sort when it comes to our wellbeing, and adopting a mindset of love for ourselves along the way certainly helps not only with our health, but our entire life experience as a whole. 

- By Emily Waterfield-Buttner, INHC @golden.wellness

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